Lead, follow, or get out of the way.

Carol Lennox
4 min readMay 3, 2019

We can’t go forward if you don’t move.

Miss Bonnie

At least that’s what I said to my dog this morning. Then realized it applies to many situations in life.

She is old, but gets so excited about going out, she hops like a baby goat. In front of me. As I am trying to get to her leash and the door to take her out.

She is only a miniature schnauzer, but in fear of bodily harm to both or one of us, I have to wait for her to move before I can get to said leash and door. And so these thoughts came to me.

If you want to lead, you have to make sure you are in front. Otherwise, you wind up like the slogan on the hat we gave my then boss when I worked at an Advertising agency. “I’m their leader. Which way did they go.”

If you are indeed in the lead, it is urgent that you lead going forward. Standing still or jumping in circles won’t get you or your followers anywhere. Not that I am against standing still. Learning to simply BE is a vital life skill. Sometimes slowing down and contemplating is how you lead. Jumping in front of people like a baby goat is probably not as effective, though, as either moving forward or standing in the stillness. Although it would no doubt be entertaining.

Karim Manjra on Unsplash

Once I maneuver around her and get her on the leash and outside, she most definitely takes the lead. This can involve my following at a good pace, as she appears to be frantically tracking something, and stopping suddenly stock still to sniff the ground or watch the trees. (She is the one sniffing the ground. I use the opportunity to focus on the sky and trees). In either case, we get lots of benefits of both moving and standing still. I am content to let her lead, most of the time. She forces me to move and to give myself time to contemplate. It is nearly impossible to check the phone, text or email while moving, although I am occasionally foolish enough to try. She breaks me of that. She can be a good leader.



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