What If “My Fair Lady” Was Reversed?

Carol Lennox
5 min readOct 13, 2019

Professor Henrietta Higgins takes on Elliot Doolittle.

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Professor Henrietta Higgins and her assistant, Joanna Holland, sit on the couch in a well designed room, discussing men, and why they can’t seem to find a good one.

“You know Joanna, It may be that we’re too picky. I sometimes feel that I’ll never find the right man unless I invent him myself,” Henrietta intones.

She pours them both a glass of wine, and returns to the couch. Joanna laughs but appears deep in thought. “Henrietta, why not?”

“Why not what, my dear?” Henrietta asks.

“Why not invent or create your own? Let’s go on the dating sites again, pick out the most pitiful guy, one in need of a major overhaul, and recreate him just for you. If it works, you can do one for me,” Joanna answers.

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“Hmmmmm…,” Henrietta muses.

They dive into dating sites, each holding up their phone to show the other the worst one they find. There’s a large pool to draw from. Finally, they simultaneously hold up the same one. Bingo.

The chosen one’s profile picture shows a man with a long, unkempt beard. In the next pic he is holding up a big fish. He is shirtless, with a belly overhang.

His activities include trolling, bowling, fishing (obviously), and fund raising. On street corners.

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Henrietta and Joanna quickly locate his street corner. They offer to buy lunch if he will listen to their proposal. He looks at them with suspicion, but hey, free lunch.

Elliot Doolittle looks more and more confused as they explain their mission. He sees nothing wrong with who he is, but still, free lunches. And maybe more. Plus, as he reluctantly admits, he hasn’t had much success with the ladies. As in, none. He agrees to let Henrietta make him a better man.




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