I’ll be the outlier here. College, at a private school I worked my way through, helped open up my world and exposed me to ideas, people and cultures I had only imagined in the tiny Texas town where I grew up.

My son, who suffers from dyslexia, and has sensory issues, hated school. But he loved Basketball. A private D3 school gave him the opportunity to play in college, and to become Big Man On Campus. While there, he learned to read and think deeply. His world expanded. He graduated with debt 40 times my debt, which I am helping him pay. The real problem isn’t college. It’s the ridiculous growth of the cost. If I were a conspiracy theorist, I would think the 1% made sure college was out of reach for most people, which then creates an uneducated populace who are much easier to fool and lead.

Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist. Leans Left. Mindfulness practitioner before it was cool. LPC, M.Ed. Carolsantafe93@gmail.com

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