I Made Over $100 On Medium This Month

I’m in the 7%

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Yes, fellow Medium writers, there is hope. After only two years or so on Medium, I cracked the first hurdle. The 7% of those writers who make over $100 a month on Medium. Signal the confetti, trumpets, glitter. #Lightersidepub.

Now, after a short two years, I can afford to get both a manicure AND a pedicure with my earnings. That is no small feat. Until now, I’ve used my earnings just for the pedicure, and even then sometimes had to subsidize it.

How can you make enough on Medium to afford your own Mani/Pedi in only two years? Here’s how:

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First, just write. Begin by writing once a week. Twice during holidays. (Okay, so nobody, and I mean nobody, read my holiday posts last year. And Medium won’t let us recycle. So they will disappear like the pine needles from the Christmas tree into the abyss of your vacuum cleaner the week after the holidays).

Second, read. A lot. Read as many writers on Medium as you can stand. Ferret out a quality few who write similarly to you, either in topics, voice, or style. Don’t copy them. Make your stuff your own. But, hey, if they are widely read, maybe you will be, too, in only two short years.

Third, follow the writers who make you think and laugh. Comment on their posts. Get overly excited when they actually read and applaud you, and go ballistic with joy when they follow you. (I’m looking at you, Kris Gage, Jessica Wildfire, John Gorman, Kyrie Gray) If they comment, well, you have reached writer’s paradise. At least that how it feels to me.

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Fourth, eventually read posts on How To Succeed On Medium. Yes, I know some readers disparage such posts, but I’m here to tell you these writers got me from earning 26 cents a month to earning pedicure money. Like many creative type people, I’m not the best at reading rules, much less following them. But some wonderful Medium contributors are. Where would I be without you, Shaunta Grimes? You do the heavy lifting for us and we appreciate it! Sadly, I forget the first people who taught me through their posts how to post pics and where to find them. I’m pretty sure it was Casey Botticello who told me which days were the best for posting to get the most reads. (Tuesday and Saturday). That info alone got me to write and post at least twice a week!

Fifth, if you can be funny do it. I wasn’t sure I could, but I am a top writer in Humor on Medium, and this is my first funny post in weeks. Establish yourself in one or two niches early, and they are yours for life. Or until Medium decides otherwise. My top writer status in Parenting used to come and go willy-nilly. Crossed fingers, it has stayed on my profile awhile now.

Not that humor and parenting are all I write about. Nor have those posts brought the highest readership, except the one on raising my Black son as a White mother. Which leads to the sixth point.

Sixth, write about sex. That has little to do with raising my son, at least after the conception. But I believe there is too much misinformation out there, along with shame and awkwardness. Actually, I was hoping to be the next Dr. Ruth via Medium. Until I started reading. Holy Cat Woman, Batman, there were actually things I didn’t know about sex, and I thought that was impossible. I also learned that readers want first person experience sex writing. To spare my son if he ever decides to read me, I may have to use a sex writer pseudonym.

Who knows? With a sex writer pseudonym, oh, and by the way, writing every day, getting published in respected publications, posting on Facebook groups, and lots of marketing and self-promotion, I may get to actually spend my earnings on a whole day at the spa before only two more years have passed.

Humor aside for a moment, Medium has given me so much more than money. I’ve made writing friends and colleagues such as traceybyfire, Noma Dek and Joe Duncan. At least I consider us friends, they may be saying “Carol who?.” I laugH daily at Andrew Knott. I found accountability partners such as Richie Crowley and Tara Blair Ball, discovered my favorite writers, such as Helen Cassidy Page and so many more. I await James Finn ‘s creative writing , and James Knight and Jean-Claude P ‘s reactions and encouragement.

Most of all, I’ve developed the discipline of writing every day.

John Gorman gave us that tidbit of achieving success on Medium approximately (only) two years ago, when I was getting started. Just imagine where I might be if I had begun writing every day from the beginning. Maybe I would own the spa by now.

Here are my two sad, little holiday posts from last year. Yes, this is a pitiful attempt to get them at least a couple of reads. They may also illustrate how much I didn’t know about writing on Medium only a year ago:

Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist. Leans Left. Mindfulness practioner before it was cool. M.Ed., LPC. Carolsantafe93@gmail.com. Www.Newsbreak.com/@c/561037

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