I love this. I have clients with difficult to treat depression, and most certainly the inner critic is lying to them, as Jennifer Lawson talks about in “Furiously Happy.” I now say, “Bleh, bleh, bleh” to my own inner critics when they pop up. It makes me laugh and them go away. ( Thank you “Despicable Me”). However, please know that research indicates therapy plus medication provides the best results in relieving depression, especially when therapy is used to eliminate shame, which is how I practice it. There are some of us, though, who still need antidepressants, which clears up thinking and allows those with depression to actually be aware of when their shame and depression are lying to them.

Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist. Leans Left. Mindfulness practioner before it was cool. M.Ed., LPC. Carolsantafe93@gmail.com.

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