I Leave The Country For Ten Days And Now You Impeach Him?

If I’d known that would do it, I would have left sooner.

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I, as many of us, have waited impatiently or patiently, depending on our personality types, for impeachment proceedings to begin. We started waiting the day the ridiculous, out-dated Electoral College system put a dangerous guy in the White House.

At first, there was slim hope. After all, the guy had gotten away with bragging he grabbed women he didn’t know by the pussy. He had declared bankruptcy four times in efforts to avoid paying workers, and his supporters still thought he was a great business person. Most damning, we heard him ask on live camera for Russia to release Hillary’s emails. And still, he wouldn’t go away.

Eventually, some of us gave up. Especially after the Mueller report, which seems so damning, but apparently no one gave an actual damn. So we vowed to slog through until 2020 and try to do better next time. I went from following the news obsessively, to reading recaps at the end of the week. To hardly reading anything at all. Although I do continue to make calls and send emails to my congressmen on a regular basis.

Ten days in Italy gave me complete respite from the daily embarrassing news flashes about this malignant man and his tantrums. I didn’t look at the news on my phone or IPad, and the local papers weren’t emblazoned with his tiresome visage. In fact, it is entirely possible that I didn’t see his face one time in ten days. Believe it or not, other countries aren’t obsessed, or even overly interested in our Clown In Chief. Nobody from another country asked me anything about him, although I did apologize to a few for what my country had wrought. They smiled compassionately.

I am not saying that made me feel any better. Other countries should be concerned about our tap dancing on the world stage. It did, however, allow me to concentrate on other things.

Things like how nearly every street in Florence, Italy had receptacles for recycling, divided by glass, and plastic and paper, alongside trash bins. All the same size. Large. How nobody cares who goes to what bathroom.

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How there were no visible homeless. I have yet to research why this is so, but it is in stark contrast to Austin, where the best we have been able to do is pass a law that homeless people can camp in public places, including underpasses, and in front of stores. And the most obvious thing; that people of all nationalities and ethnicities can get along, and even become friends.

At one point, I did feel a little disturbance in the Force, and saw the word impeach, on Facebook I think, while posting. But I deliberately ignored it. The gift from the Universe that impeachment will be, still can be unlikely to remove the sycophant from office. So what was the point?

But then, wonder of wonders, upon return to the “real world” of the United States, I read that one of my sheroes, Nancy Pelosi, had indeed given her go ahead for the impeachment investigation to begin. I have heard her speak and be interviewed, and will see her again tonight at Austin, Texas’ Tribfest, and know her to be thorough and careful. Perhaps too careful for those who are anxious for democratic socialism to begin yesterday, but just careful enough to not start something unless she intends to finish it. Remember, she is the one who has stood up to him over and over, and who said she would prefer to see him indicted, not just impeached.

As all of us who have read the overview of the transcript of the call to the Ukraine leader can clearly see, Mr. T attempted to use his position as the supposed leader of the free world to get dirt on an opponent. How shocking that would be if he hadn’t done it before.

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Photo by author in Florence, Italy

Apparently, this time the commission is more obvious and egregious. It doesn’t look like he can lie his way out of this one. We can only hope. And only time will tell. But at least he is finally going to be held to some type of accountability, even if it doesn’t lead to his being fired from his latest gig.

Let’s get this right, please. Don’t make me have to leave the country again.

Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist. Leans Left. Mindfulness practioner before it was cool. M.Ed., LPC. Carolsantafe93@gmail.com. Www.Newsbreak.com/@c/561037

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