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  • Gayle Kurtzer-Meyers

    Gayle Kurtzer-Meyers

    20+ years in Property Management, freelance writer, advocate for positive thinking, enjoy running for charity events, interested in a variety of topics

  • Tooth Truth Roopa Vikesh

    Tooth Truth Roopa Vikesh

    Jamshedpur, India. Dentist, mom of 2 girls, lives in a joint family, in love with the written word.

  • Bryan Dijkhuizen

    Bryan Dijkhuizen

    Entrepreneur, Software Engineer | I write about Tech, History & Self Improvement. | Signup for my Newsletter: http://eepurl.com/hdh8xb

  • Kaye Smith PhD

    Kaye Smith PhD

    I am a life coach, sex educator, and fine art photographer. Check me out at https://kayesmithphd.com/

  • Carol Price

    Carol Price

    I used to be something else, but now I can hold my head up and say I am a writer. Retired doctor. Passionate about empowering people. Editor of Illumination

  • Rosa Diaz

    Rosa Diaz

    Sharing ideas, theories, adventures and views. Blogger at www.bloggerwidow.blogspot.com

  • Jayrow


    Retired 2021 - LICSW. Read*Reinvent*Release*Relate. Inviting more fun, joy, spirit, laughter and adventure in. Yay!

  • Cameron Bailey

    Cameron Bailey

    Internet Marketing with the heart of a teacher and the no nonsense attitude of a coach. I Benchpress Wordpress

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