Excellent insight into rejection and the inability to deal with it. I have written humorous stories on Medium of online dating (Dating Digitally.Wait.That Sounds Dirty), but it is true I have also experienced scary responses. I believe that we women have become accustomed to these written attacks. The first time was shocking (as were the inevitable dick pics. Seriously, why would I want to see a pic of your dick before I meet you in person? Or ever?) then it becomes more commonplace. And that is exactly how tirades from strangers, because if you haven’t met face to face, they are strangers, can escalate to violence in person. I block them at the first name-calling or hateful comment, and most sites let you report them as well.

Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist. Leans Left. Mindfulness practioner before it was cool. M.Ed., LPC. Carolsantafe93@gmail.com. Www.Newsbreak.com/@c/561037

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