Minx tried to help me write. Apparently about politics.

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I’m not certain what she had in mind, but it looks like she may have been referencing #45. I wasn’t aware that she knew anything about politics. Still, this is what came of her prancing around on my computer, which I had walked away from after staring too long at a blank screen with no spark of inspiration.

Since she lives with me, she undoubtedly has heard me and my friends criticize the current occupant of the White House. So perhaps she does share our attitudes and thoughts. It may be she was trying to type “aaaaaaaaasshole45” Or possibly “aaaaaaaaasshat45.”

She obviously doesn’t know how to spell, or cfgs has a meaning only she understands. It’s possible cfgs is an acronym. Maybe Minx was saying 45 is coming for gays. Or he is coming for girls. It may stand for coming for girl socialists, or gay socialists, but I’m pretty sure she is at least trying to say he is coming for socialists.

Since cats are basically socialists, that is probably what she meant. She and the other feline housemate share food, toys, a litter box and even tongue baths. She knows the importance of everyone taking care of each other. The two of them even take care of me by waking me up early to play, and lying on my lap in the evenings so I can’t go to the kitchen for more chocolate and wine.

I think she is upset with 45 saying hateful, stupid things about the Squad in Congress. Cfgs could stand for congressional females glory squad. Or congressional females generating (common) sense. Or congressional females gaining solidarity. Minx, being young, female and liberal, is very supportive of AOC, Omar, Tlaib and Pressley. She senses their concern for the people who elected them, and more so, for all downtrodden people in the country. And like them, she can take the high road by standing up to a bully, then calmly turning away to more important things, all with her kitty dignity intact. Her claws can come out when necessary, and she is also good at carrying on with her plans in the face of all odds.

Now that Minx has become a writer, perhaps she will run for office one day. As soon as she stops running headlong through all the rooms, and across all the furniture in my home.

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