Attention Medium Writers And Readers

You have more than 50 claps to give

Many of us start on Medium with misconceptions and confusion about exactly how this marvelous platform for writers and readers works. Some of us (I see you Elle Beau) don’t like to read directions. So, I can’t tell you exactly where you will find the rules for clapping, but I’ll bet someone on Medium will enlighten us.

The basic rule is that members can applaud for as many articles as you want, and you can applaud EACH of those articles with up to 50 claps.

When I started reading and applauding I thought, like many newcomers do, that I was only allowed 50 claps total, and had to divide them between those writers I liked the most.

Don’t ask me how I thought that could possibly work.

You know how you can tell newbies on Medium without checking out the number of their followers, or how many they follow? Look to see if they are awarding one clap at a time.

I don’t remember if it was an article by Joe Duncan or Andrew Knott that ultimately enlightened me. The article suggested that we always give at least 25 claps for articles we like, and 50 for our favorite authors or stories we deem excellent. I’ve been doing that ever since. And I had been posting for months and awarding my meager applause to all the writers I like. Finally I knew I could read and applaud until my virtual hands were sore.

I’m requesting the following writers post something similar, since you have a lot of followers who may not understand they can clap all they want, up to 50 each time. We all benefit when our work is rewarded, and readers can let us know what they appreciate. At least up to 50 claps.

Shannon Ashley

Shaunta Grimes

Jessica Lovejoy

Kris Gage

Kyrie Gray

Elle Beau

Elle Rogers

Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist. Leans Left. Mindfulness practioner before it was cool. M.Ed., LPC.

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