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Editor of New Choices. Mindfulness and anti-racism practitioner before they were cool.

Head Shot by my son Blake Scott, aka Moonlair360 on social media. Notice the cat sneaking into the shot.

Once, I wrote my entire relationship history in one short, non-emotional, factual paragraph. The humorous, I hoped, plan was to text it to a first date to dispense with before the questions were asked. I never actually sent it. I’m also still single.

Here’s me, sans relationship history, longer than…


Make us laugh and you could be featured next

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Are you funny? Then we will find you! And when we do, we’ll re-post you here.

Fellow MuddyUm editor, or Mudditor/Brudditor, Andrew Rodwin, discovered there were hilarious people on MuddyUm who had too few followers. He took it upon himself to fix that oversight, and published this.

I read and…


Schools and teachers need all the help we can give them

Photo by Kevin Butz on Unsplash

As I left the building after three years of teaching, another teacher asked me if I liked my job. Surprising both of us, I immediately responded, “No.”

That was a long time and several careers ago. I loved the students, and hated the system. That was before COVID and certainly…


Just don’t do it

Photo by 2 Bull Photography on Unsplash

Dating while senior is an experience which nothing that came before prepares you for. Except trying to surreptitiously have sex while someone else is in the house. Maybe it used to be a parent or a roommate. Now it’s grown children or other family members. …


Abortion providers are not committing genocide of Black and Brown people

Photo by Domo on Unsplash

There are some in the Black community that say abortion is genocidal. They think that pro-choice proponents actually want fewer Black and LatinX babies born.

They refer to Margaret Sanger, the founder of the pro-birth-control organization that later became Planned Parenthood, who got caught up in eugenics which was a…

Carol Lennox

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