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Head Shot by my son Blake Scott, aka Moonlair360 on social media. Notice the cat sneaking into the shot.

Once, I wrote my entire relationship history in one short, non-emotional, factual paragraph. The humorous, I hoped, plan was to text it to a first date to dispense with before the questions were asked. I never actually sent it. I’m also still single.

Here’s me, sans relationship history, longer than…


We shouldn’t have to be grieving avoidable deaths

Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

Dear Friends, clients, and family who’ve lost or come close to losing loved ones to death from COVID,

I’m a therapist, and I know all of us have a variety of feelings, and levels and stages of grief, depending on when and how our loved ones died, or suffered from…


It’s one thing when they gather nuts; this is a whole new ball of fluff

Photo by Matthew Fournier on Unsplash

My two cats are staring wide-eyed out the patio window. Which is not their typical behavior. Usually, one is crying to be let out and the other is following me every step I take, so I know something is afoul. Or, in this case, asquirrel.

A squirrel is blatantly tearing…


Try a little neighborliness and respect for culture

360 Austin with Matthew McConaughey on YouTube

Austin, Texas is home to many celebrities, including Matthew McConaughey, a native Texan and a graduate of the University of Texas in Austin. Other celebrities who don’t live here visit or are temporary residents as they film a series or movie. People in…

Carol Lennox

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